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Ice camping is a great way to go ice fishing and stay out on the lake while remaining fairly portable. Obviously, catching a few fish after dark is a large part of the fun, but you’re also setup right where you’re fishing and don’t have to worry about the logistics or transportation back and forth from shore. You can also save some money as ice camping can be really budget friendly while also allowing you to save on hotel bills. Once you get set up with the right equipment, you can almost be just as comfortable as well.

There are a few important things that you have to have to be comfortable if you’re going to come out ice camping. For starters, you’ll want to have a rubber floor. You can pick one up at most hardware stores or can even just use exercise mats. As the snow and ice start to melt from the heat, it can get really slippery in a hub house without a floor. So you want something to prevent you from slipping that will also help keep your gear dry. Don’t forget your cots and sleeping bags and anything else you need to stay overnight.

Rubber floors in your ice camp setup can make you much more comfortable

Next thing is to consider your heat source and make sure that you have a carbon monoxide detector if you’re gonna spend the night. Bring out a 20 pound propane tank or a couple depending on how long you’ll be staying out and you should have a fan to help circulate the air and keep everyone that much more comfortable through the night.

After dark, you’ll obviously need to have lights. The Clam Hub Lock system includes lights and other accessories like rattle reels that mount right onto the hub frame. This system works in any hub so it’s a great option no matter which shelter you own.

You’ll also want to make sure you’re set up to cook comfortably on the ice. A small fold up table is a great place to set the camp stove. Be sure to pack a small plastic tote with your other essentials such as utensils, paper plates, and food. Don’t forget to pack plenty of water.

Cooking at ice camp

Another comfort item are wet wipes. If you’re going to essentially be living out on the ice for three or four days, they’re just a simple way to keep yourself somewhat clean and more comfortable.

Here’s a quick wrap-up on the basic essentials that you need to go ice camping:

Camping overnight on the ice

Camping on the ice can be a lot more comfortable than you think. Even if it’s well below zero and the wind is blowing 30 miles and hour, you can stay warm and dry and barely notice the conditions. There’s nothing quite like waking up in these beautiful places ready to start the day all over again in just a few moments. Ice camping is simply a fun way to experience ice fishing that can also really help you save on those hotel bills after you get setup with the right gear.

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