One question we get asked a lot is what is the difference between spooler reels and spinning reels. The premise of a spooler or inline reel is that it has less line twist compared to a traditional spinning reel. However, you will get line twist in both of these reels, so the idea that one has line twist and the other doesn’t, is kind of a myth.

When should you use a spinning reel versus a spool reel? What are the applications for each reel? I still like to use a spinning reel quite a bit, probably 70% of my panfishing is with one and the reason being is that you can get up and down quicker which maximizes your efficiency. I like to use spooler or in-line reels on tough finesse bites where I have to use really small jigs, really light line, and I have to work down really slow to the fish and hang that jig still. That’s where the inline reel shines. One reel isn’t necessarily better than the other. They complement each other and are two different tools to have in your panfishing arsenal.


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