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Save 40% Off An Annual Plan
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Tony Roach is a well-respected fishing guide, tournament angler, and outdoor communicator. In this video he shares simple tips on how he prefers to run his side imaging.

When Tony looks for fish and structure, he relies most heavily on side imaging. When setting his side imaging up, he prefers to keep it zoomed in, running 50 to 60 feet out. This is typically the case unless he is fishing deep, where he may expand his view out to 80 feet. However when possible he prefers to keep it more zoomed in as it allows him to see definition much better. This extra definition makes it easier to identify rocks, vegetation, and sand. It also allows him to easily identify fish within the rocks, hiding behind boulders or along the weed edges.

He will also stop his screen and zoom in to help improve his fish detection, especially among boulders when something looks promising. Narrowing the screen down is key to identifying the structure, fish, and bait needed to have a successful day on the water.


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