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Fall Walleye Patterns Live Seminar with Nick Lindner & Jason Mitchell

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Jason Mitchell joins popular digital content creator Nick Lindner live to talk fall walleye and answer viewer questions.

Topics discussed include:

  • Fall walleye patterns and how they are affected by weather/water temps
  • How weeds can be an overlooked location in the fall
  • Fishing death rig jigs
  • Rigging big minnows for big fish
  • Go bigger – choose larger profiles in the fall (i.e. 11-13cm crankbaits)
  • Running deep diving crankbaits in shallow water
  • Drop shotting in the fall
  • Mississippi River tips
  • Glide bait rigging tips – when to use snaps, leader length and line, and more
  • Using forward facing sonar effectively
  • How to tell when the lake has turned over
  • and more…

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To see what Nick Linder has been up to lately, you can find him on his YouTube channel here.


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