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One of Max Wilson’s favorite things to do when fishing in dingier water is to play with scent. Walleyes feed with sight, smell and sound, so a lot of times if they can’t see it, they’re going to smell it. If they can’t smell it, they are going to feel the vibration.

One example of where this can be key is on Lake Winnipeg. Rattle baits are popular on Lake Winnipeg due to the nice sound they emit in the dingy water. However what Max likes to do to really put that bait over the top is to add some scent. One of his favorite scents to use is called Pro-Cure.

Pro-Cure has different scents based off of the different forages that you’re using. What makes Pro Cure so great is that the scent is made from the exact bait that you’re using. In this particular scenario Max’s scent is emerald shiner, matching the main bait forage on Winnipeg.

To apply Pro-Cure, take a small dab of gel and apply it right on the sides. Pro-Cure is very sticky and stays on very well; therefore, add just a little dab and rub it in on the sides. Then rub it in up top, rub it in on the bottom, , and it will stay on there for a long time.

Max will do this not only when ice fishing muddier water, but open water as well, especially when fishing river systems.


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