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Save 40% Off An Annual Plan
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Kade Lynch from AquaTraction shares how to use side scan on the Missouri River sand bars to find spring walleye

When coming into a spot for the first time, using side imaging can assist in determining where fish are set up and how to target them. In this video Kade Lynch from AquaTraction shares some valuable tips on how to best use side imaging to find success on the water.

When setting up the side scan range, Kade likes to use 80-100 feet distance. Once fish are identified on the side imaging, the key is to then drop a waypoint and position the boat upstream to the fish. This ways, it’s easy to cast to them or drop back and troll.

Keep in mind that fish are constantly moving.   Two passes or twenty minutes later, these fish will likely have left that area. At this point, if you haven’t had much luck, you’ll need to use your side imaging to find them again.

Key takeaways:

  • Keep a broad distance of 80-100 feet on your side scan distance settings.
  • Position your boat upstream to the fish
  • If you haven’t hooked up within a few passes, it’s time to move.

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