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Save 40% Off An Annual Plan
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Getting the most out of your forward facing sonar can be challenging, but there are a couple of different ways to do it. Mounting it on your trolling motor or having a standalone bracket are two of the most popular strategies. In walleye applications the stand alone bracket is one of the most efficient and frees up the trolling motor allowing you to spot lock without changing your sonar angle. When mounted on your trolling motor, it’s basically going to face whatever direction your trolling motor’s facing.

In the video above Jason Mitchell shares a couple of things he’s learned that help improve the view especially when fishing in shallow water. The angle is obviously very important with forward facing sonar. Don’t be afraid to adjust it or tweak it to find a better picture. Mitchell has found that many times his view improves after angling the transducer with a slight upward angle in shallow water especially (demonstrated in video).

Another simple way to improve success with live imaging is using tungsten. A big reason that Jason uses tungsten is because it has a brighter return on forward facing sonars. While casting and watching a jig drop down it can be difficult to see on the sonar at times but with tungsten it does seem to show up better than traditional lead.

These are a couple more tips to improve the quality of imaging with forward facing sonar. It is absolutely a game changer for walleye angling when dialed in.


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