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A quick update from Jason Mitchell on the walleye bite happening RIGHT NOW on Devils Lake, North Dakota.

The best bites are happening fairly shallow right now in 5-9 feet of water depending on the part of the lake you’re on. 

To trigger bites, Mitchell recommends using braided line to ensure you get a hard bounce in your lure. Here, Mitchell is fishing the Clam PT Rattlin’ Spoon tipped with a fathead. A simple tip to help increase your hook ups on your spoons in shallow water, however, is to upsize the treble on your lure. This will give you a bigger hook gap to hook into the fish better and you won’t knock them off on the bottom of the ice as much.

The locations to target right now are sandy shelves with a gently slope anywhere from 5-9 feet of water before dropping into the main basin. If you find a location with some scattered rock or timber on it, you’ll find even more concentrated fish traffic. 

Generally speaking, it’s a morning and evening bite right now but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fish all day long. You can use the day to find a few fish in these locations and once you know they’re around, you can get setup for an active evening bite. There is some phenomenal walleye fishing happening on Devil’s Lake right now.


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