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Save 40% Off An Annual Plan
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Chicago native Tony Boshold has made great contributions to the sport of ice fishing over recent decades, educating masses at sportshows across the Ice Belt, and working with various media to help all ice anglers simply catch more fish. Throughout his career, Tony has been an early adopter and innovator of unique ways to find and catch panfish faster—from garage modified transducers to look off the side of his hole (way before forward-facing sonar) to tight-lining, palm-rodding, long-rodding, and microplastic modifications.

Some background: Tony won a Gold Medal with the USA Ice Team in 2010 at the World Ice Fishing Championships (WIFC) and two Blue Diamond rings in the North American Ice Fishing Championships (NAIFC), first in 2005, then again in 2013. He has worked with numerous sponsors over the years, helping drive ice fishing electronics, rod, reel, and lure design to the next level of ice fishing efficiency.

IN THIS VIDEO: Tony covers probably THE MOST IMPORTANT part of ice fishing, namely ON-ICE SAFETY. Tony has broken through the ice in his career and knows personally what it’s like and how best to prepare and how to function if/when an angler breaks through the ice.

If you’re interested in fishing with Tony, he does offer guide trips and in-depth on-the-ice educational sessions. He can be reached at


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