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Fall is a prime time to target walleyes on Green Bay and many fish will push up into the rivers and tributaries late into the fall. Bret Alexander is one of Green Bay’s busiest and most respected guides. Alexander has been spending a lot of time in the Fox River or outside the mouth of the Fox River this fall and believes the reason that many Green Bay fish move into the Fox come fall is bait (shiner migration) and the fact that many walleyes will winter in the river.

Fall Green Bay walleye on fox river

“Typically, I like to move around a lot and often don’t spend more than half an hour in a spot right now,” explains Alexander. Side imaging is crucial for finding fish as these fish will often push off the boat or won’t allow you to drive over the top. Outside the river near the mouth, Alexander will often target sand edges in six to ten feet of water. In the river, Alexander looks for shallow rock and sand edges in eight to twelve feet of water.

Hair jigs for Green Bay walleye
Hair jigs can be deadly for walleye on Green Bay, especially in the fall.

As water temps drop in the fall, Alexander leans heavily on hair jigs but will use spoons at times when the fish are more aggressive. With cooling temps and cold fronts in the fall, Alexander stresses a less aggressive presentation. “We are often working the hair jigs along the bottom with little pops or twitches and many of the fish will come on a stinger hook so always use a stinger hook on your hair jigs right now,” stresses Alexander. Most colors have their day and will work but Alexander’s favorite hair jig colors for Green Bay are purple or blue and white.

Alexander also stresses the importance of making long casts and getting the jig away from the boat. Most of the fish will come on the first part of your cast the furthest from the boat. Another key component to Alexander’s fall walleye program is learning to trust side imaging and to search until you find fish. Be willing to move and realize that these fish are moving a lot. Fall is a prime time to key in on walleyes near or in major tributaries on Green Bay and there are way fewer anglers on the water.


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