Dave Genz has innovated a lot of different things that are on the forefront of ice fishing today and he just keeps innovating. A couple years ago he spent an entire winter perfecting a new concept of artificial bait for panfish that was a little rubber ball with silk strands coming off of it.

The silkie jig is a phenomenal durable tool that will help you catch fish. You can use just one silkie with a waxworm or rig up 2-3 silkies on a hook to bulk up the profile for bigger fish. Obviously, minnows, waxworms, and soft plastics will catch fish but the key with the silkie is its delicate pulsating action combined with a durability that sets it apart. You can catch upwards of 30 fish on one before you wear it out.

Some people think he’s just a guy that figured out some things before everybody else, but Genz is still fishing hard and still coming up with new stuff every year.


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