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Save 40% Off An Annual Plan
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Ross Robertson with Big Water Fishing shares a simple tip that makes a big difference.

When it comes to setting stuff up, it’s amazing how much faster he can set rods because of the little things that other guys aren’t doing.

First he uses color coded rod socks which can make a big difference. This way they aren’t all tangled together, and color coding them allows him to quickly grab the right one.

For example his crank bait rods are pink. He prefers bright color over black, as then they don’t get stepped on, or stolen. He also uses green for spinning rods. These are moderate rods, but look exactly the same as his others without reading the fine print. The colored rod socks allow him to quickly tell which rod he is grabbing.

To also help make him more efficient in his organization, he uses tape. Red tape indicates his chosen leader setup. He also uses specific color tape for his dipsy diver rods, to tell which rod is an inside diver, outside diver or length.

In conclusion, use color combos to help organize your rod systems better. Take advantage of rod rocks, tape, and other little things that will allow you to properly organize your gear and make you more efficient on the water. This will allow you to catch more fish because you will be spending more time fishing and less time digging.


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