Caleb Wistad (hookedupwi) shares this quick trick on how to make your soft plastics last longer.

Large paddle tail plastics are a popular option for bass and walleye anglers, and can work great from spring through late fall. However, one of the biggest challenges when pairing plastics with jigs is how quickly the nose of the plastic can wear out, affecting both longevity and presentation. The key to keeping that paddle tail in place (and lasting longer), is to simply use a little bit of super glue.

When rigging the paddle tail, add super glue to the entire backside of the jig head before pushing it over the barb. The little bit of super glue can go a long ways in preserving the life and action of the paddle tail.

Whether you are targeting bass or walleye, this is a great way to save money on plastics and catch more fish on each one.


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