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Save 40% Off An Annual Plan
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If you have ever broken the end of your fishing rod, I’ve got the perfect solution for you.

There is nothing worse than looking up in the middle of a good bite just to realize you snapped the end of your rod. It’s a moment of instant dread, wondering if it’s repairable, how much it will cost you to replace, or if you should replace it at all.

If this is you, don’t sweat it. I have a super quick fix (less than 2 minutes) solution for you. This is a solution that can even be done in the boat. Best of all, it will hardly cost you a thing.

Below I go through the tools you need and the exact steps to follow to have you ready to go in no time at all!


Before you begin, you are going to need to have a few items on hand. This won’t cost you much money and will last for an eternity – depending on how many rods you’ll need to fix that is. These items include:

All of these items are super cheap and easy to use – I have linked to those above.

Heat Glue

Heat glue isn’t the only type of glue you can use. In fact, you can use epoxy or gorilla glue as well. However, heat glue works well for the simple fact that it’s easy to reheat if a mistake is made. It’s also easy to clean up if there is any excess.

I purchased this heat glue in a kit. However, those spare eyelets won’t work well because they are simply too big. That’ why I recommend buying a more complex set of guides – best of all you can find it for less than $15.

Rod Guide Repair Kit

As I just mentioned, I don’t recommend having only the kits you can get at box stores on hand. They usually lack sizes and spares. That’s why I recommend investing a few bucks into this Amazon variety kit. This way you have 10 different sizes and 10 in each size. You can keep this in your boat to use over and over again.


You need a lighter to heat the glue. Literally, any lighter will work – if you don’t have one you can grab a cheap pack of them here.


Pick The Smallest Guide Possible

Now that we have the right gear, it’s time to start repairing the fishing rod. The first thing you are going to need to do is to open your pack of guides and try to find the smallest possible size that will fit on the end of your rod. This helps it stay as true to action as possible.

Add the Glue to The Rod

Next, you are going to need to heat up the glue and start to cover it on the rod. It’s OK if there is excess – you can remove that later. Just make sure there is plenty.

Depending on the size of the guide you have, you can add glue to the interior of the guide as well. If it dries before you add the rod tip, just quickly reheat it again. Just make sure you are ready to have the rod in hand.

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Quickly Add The New Guide to The Rod

Make sure that the glue is still moist and quickly put it on the spare rod guide. The key here is to make sure that all of the guides are aligned before the glue settles. Once the glue settles, make sure you check your repaired guide to make sure it’s steady.

Remove Any Access Glue

If there is any access glue, feel free to rub it off. If it’s too difficult, you can also quickly reheat it.

Also, make sure to test the end of your rod. If it passes, you are ready to go!


Just like that, you have fixed your fishing rod! Just remember that this is something you can do in your boat, at home, or on the road! Just make sure you have these simple tools with you in the boat at all times!


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