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The Aqua Traction North Dakota team shares two must-know tips on how they get better performance out of their sonar setup.

1. Choose the Right Size Wire

First, they prefer to rig all of their boats with 6 gauge wire. When doing a longer lead throughout the boat (like from the batteries in the back up to the bow) running 6 gauge maximizes the capability of how much amperage is pulled. This means there won’t be any hesitation in power which will improve the performance of all of the boat’s graphs. This means the resolution is going to be a lot higher and the screen’s going to be a lot clearer and brighter. When running wires a shorter distance, 8-10 gauge will do the job but for all around performance, 6 gauge is still recommended.

2. Have a Dedicated Battery

Lithium batteries have become more popular for powering electronics. Therefore, they recommend having a separate lithium battery to power graphs and a standard cranking battery to operate the motor.

These two simple tips can go a long ways in improving your sonar experience.


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