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Lake of the Woods (June 23, 2022)

lake of the woods

Versatility continues to be the name of the game as we head into our summer open water season. Looking back at the season opener and throughout the spring, it’s quite hard not to brag about what a fantastic season we’ve been having. With all our high water came phenomenal fishing at unforeseen shallow depths. Anglers continue to land walleye in 4 to 32 feet of water. Most are finding they don’t have to run as far to find fish as in years past. 

Many fishermen are keeping to the tried-and-true jigging technique. Using a brightly colored jig head tipped with either a frozen shiner or live fathead has been the ticket. Others have moved to drifting spinners rigged with a crawler or leach – also with good success. Trolling shallow diving crankbaits has also been reported as landing nice limits of fish. 

Colors have remained gold, glow, and pink. One guest reported awesome success in 10 feet of water over a sandy bottom using blue/white, yellow, green, and orange. She said the first two fish of the day were caught using a blue/white jig (22” walleye) and a bright green jig (28” walleye). Both tipped with a frozen shiner. 

Moving into 4 Mile Bay and up the Rainy River the current remains strong and fast, however so does the fishing. Success is being found in the slack water and along current breaks. The breaks that run along the main channel (the seam) is producing nice walleye and sauger. 

Moving to the slack water areas along the banks and near larger structure, anglers have been landing a nice mixed bag of smallmouth bass, pike, sauger, walleye and perch. The bay area itself has been producing awesome pike fishing. It won’t be long (July 1st), and sturgeon season opens back up. 

Conditions throughout the Rainy River – Lake of The Woods watershed are slowly improving as the extremely wet conditions seen in April and May are being replaced with drier conditions so far in June. Precipitation since the beginning of the month has remained below average for all areas of the watershed.

These much drier conditions have caused all tributary flows to drop significantly, and most are now approaching high normal levels for this time of year. With less water in the system, all major lake inflows have also peaked and are steadily trending downward. As the basin continues to drain and tributary conditions return to normal, the lake levels will follow suit and continue to drop.

Concerns surrounding the high-water can be eased with knowing that River Bend Resort is located on high ground. Thus our facilities have not been affected and we continue to operate daily. In addition, we have made all the appropriate modifications to our docks to ensure our guests comfort and safety.

As fishing goes, we have been experiencing a record spring/early summer catch in these record high waters. The schools of fish have remained closer to the southern shoreline keeping anglers from having to make long runs. And limits of fish are being caught daily by all our guests. Many bringing home bragging rights to 30” + trophy walleye. 

As you ponder where you are going to fish next, give us a call. River Bend Resort call agents will help you build a fishing trip of a lifetime. We offer water side cabins and full or half day all-inclusive charters. 

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