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Lake of the Woods (June 16th, 2022)

LOW fishing

Summer fishing on the big waters of Lake of The Woods means flexibility. Fishing has remained good throughout the week especially when Mother Nature tosses us a front or a low steady wind (5-10 mph). The wind helps with a drift and bait presentation which combined will entice a bite. Flexibility is defined by what to use and where to use it. The drift helps cover water to find the hungry fish. What they consistently want to bite on will thus determine what to use. Sounds kinda funny when put that way but nevertheless that’s one way to do it. 

Most anglers have been chasing the charter fleets to deeper waters (18 – 30 feet). Many are jigging with shiners and fathead minnows. Both have produced good numbers of fish this week with a slight lean towards the fathead minnow. Some have switched it up and went to leaches on the jig with good results. As the water temp rises, so will the chances of catching big walleye on night crawlers and leaches. 

Moving in shallow and finding mud flats while using a spinner harness rigged with a leach will also produce larger catch numbers. If fishing shallower is your game, finding sandy bottoms like out in front of Pine Island or to one side or the other of the gap – this is where the Rainy River flows into Lake of The Woods – can also produce not only larger catches but larger fish. In these areas, experienced anglers will long line troll #5 crank baits in 6 – 9 feet of water. 

Trolling speed will vary but consistently will be around 2.5mph. Not only are you covering more water, but you are almost always guaranteed to catch a mixed bag of fish including large smallmouth. Not exactly what you may be targeting, but a good fight and fun to catch, nevertheless. 

Colors seemingly remain the same of gold, glow, pink, orange or silver and blue. These colors are the most used go-to on these waters. I say, shake it up. Use a color that looks like the natural forage. Mayfly nymph (brown) or crawfish (orange & brown) I have personally found to produce just as many if not more fish and trophy walleye depending on where I’m fishing. 

Don’t boat over fish on the Rainy River and not give them a try. Walleye are being caught in good numbers using all the above methods. Look for current breaks and holes as that is where most fish will be holding. Pitching crank baits and even a twister tail rig will produce nice fish. Look for weedy edges and structure. 

The river still has a lot of high water and fast current.  Some have figured out certain key spots, normally associated with the current breaks, and are catching lots of fish. A mixed bag is being landed in the river right now. Including walleyes, saugers, smallmouth bass, perch, and pike. The current breaks off the main channel are holding walleyes and saugers.  Bays have been good for finding northern pike.  And rocky areas, feeder streams, and bridge embankments have been the spots for smallmouth bass.

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