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how to drop shot for walleye

What many walleye anglers don’t realize is how effect drop shotting can be when walleye fishing. Of course drop shotting isn’t anything new in fishing, it’s a common technique used for bass but has recently become a lot more popular in the walleye world. You can’t cover a lot of water drop shotting, but it shines when you’re working distinct pieces of structure or targeting a specific fish or school of fish. It can be especially effective on a tough bite. Unlike a bobber, waves won’t push your bait along. Instead the weight at the bottom of your drop shot rig will hold your bait in place giving fish more time to make a decision and bite.

How to Rig a Drop Shot for Walleye

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  1. Michael Szczepanski on

    I have been using the VMC Spinshot dropshot hook for pannies. Do you recommend using those, or prefer the hooks you listed on loops?

    • Timothy Luhrs on

      Spin shots bend and can break after not really that much use. Better off to tie on your own, keep a variety off drop shot hooks on hand.

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