If you’re in trout water and want to try something new, consider shallow water trout fishing. If you like sight fishing for panfish, this will be right up your alley. With this kind of fishing, we look for inside corners or drainage areas where there might be freshwater coming in which brings a lot of food and oxygen. These areas seem like travel corridors for trout, so we’re in 5 feet of water or less and often just sight fishing them. We like to jig big or flashy baits like the Clam Speed Spoon and my absolute favorite is the orange Epoxy Drop tipped with a couple of spikes.

When trout come in, they’ll investigate so you’ll see them come and go a couple of times. If they’re really interested, they’ll swim by slow and rub the bait along their lateral line and then smack it with their tail and turn around really fast to eat it. In five feet of water, you’ve got to be ready for a good trout fight which is just so much fun.


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