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Save 40% Off An Annual Plan
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Bryan Bogdan of Wekusko Falls Lodge shares some of his best tips for ice fishing lake trout with dead sticks in Manitoba.

When ice fishing for lake trout with dead sticks, be sure to consider your signal device. The Clam Arctic Warrior and the iFishPro are a couple of great options. If you want to get really technical, you can add on the VultureNet system to send notifications to a remote in your pocket when you don’t have eyes on your flags.

When setting up rods, consider the different sizes of bait and fish that you’ll be targeting. For smaller baits such as 4-8 inch cisco, choose a 38-42″ rod with good backbone that can absorb a lot of headshakes from smaller fish. To indicate when the fish is getting close to the surface, I like to use a 3-5 foot leader with a barrel swivel depending on the ice thickness. 15-20lb fluorocarbon works well with either a circle hook or a barbless treble hook.

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