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Catch of the Week Feature Travis Johnson

Bringing you another one of our latest Catch Features! By submitting photos through our app or prompts on our Facebook page, you can share your catch for a chance at a potential feature on our app (like this one) and enter drawings for gear, free memberships, or more.

This week, we feature Travis Johnson from Montana with a monster walleye. We asked Travis if he would share a few details about this trophy fish:

“It was my PB 32” out of a reservoir here in northern Montana. Caught it on a hot, high sky early July day utilizing Humminbird mega live, rip jigging an unfortunately discontinued #6 Rapala flat jig.

Spud (the golden retriever) sure loves licking big walleyes!!”

Travis Johnson

Quite the fish and congrats to Travis on the great PB! Joining the dirty 30 club, as they say, is quite the accomplishment. New baits are being pushed out the door all the time, but sometimes the old discontinued styles hold all the magic.

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