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So how do you choose the right soft plastic tail when walleye fishing? This is a common, and fantastic question we break down below.

There are usually 2 different styles of soft plastics used by walleye anglers: the paddle tail (or boot tail), and the the fluke tail. Depending on how you plan on presenting it, highly influences which bait you want to choose.

Keys to think about when choosing the right soft plastic:

  • The Paddle Tail: When chasing walleye on big flats it’s often ideal to use a paddle tail. These baits have large tails that look like a “boot”. This is going to be perfect for when you want to cover an area by slow swimming, vs. using a more snap jig presentation.
  • The Fluke Tail: If you don’t plan on swimming the jig, then try a fluke tail. The simplicity of the fluke tail requires a little bit more effort for action. That’s why when using a fluke tail it is ideal to pop the rod tip. This is often considered more of a snap jigging presentation, which allows the plastic to dart and come alive.

There are always exceptions to fishing. However, when new to choosing the proper plastic, it’s always a good idea to keep these strategies in mind to help improve your success on the water.


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