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Fall walleye and the NWT with Dusty Minke and Jason Mitchell

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Jason Mitchell joins NWT Pro Dusty Minke live to talk fall walleye, the NWT, and answer viewer questions.

Topics covered include:

  • Fall walleye patterns and tactics
  • The downside of forward facing sonar
  • Leech Lake tips and tactics for fall walleye
  • How fatheads & rainbow minnows are often underrated in the fall
  • Dusty Minke’s forward facing sonar settings
  • The 2 things that separate the great anglers from everybody else when it comes to forward facing sonar settings
    • An accurate cast combined with…
    • the right angle on your transducer to best optimize the image.
  • What it’s like to be a tournament angler on a team
  • If you want to catch the trophy walleye, you should be targeting the loners, not the schools
  • Learning how to identify different species/sizes on your electronics
  • Differing tactics for rivers vs lakes

Be sure to checkout more from our live session archive and more from Dusty Minke on Virtual Angling here.


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