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Save 40% Off An Annual Plan
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Not all knots are created equal, and if you want to add more action to your lures, mastering this unique and valuable knot is a must. It’s also a lot easier than you might think.

Most conventional fishing knots adhere to the eye of a fish hook by cinching down on it. That prevents the hook and consequently the action of the bait from achieving its widest range of motion, effectively reducing the action or greatly diminishing it. This can also be an important when using horizontal jigs. The cinching onto the hook can hold it at the wrong angle underwater while a loop knot will ensure the presentation is always truly horizontal.

In the video above, Virtual Angling staff member McKeon Roberts demonstrates how to tie a loop knot, arguably the best knot for crankbaits and horizontal jigs, and a great tool for adding liveliness to minnows on jigs. Contrary to what you might expect, tying the loop knot is a pretty straightforward, simple process that anyone can easily master. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Start by forming a loop with the line and threading the tag end through it, creating what would appear to be a simple knot. Do NOT, however, tighten this loop just yet.
  2. Take the tag end and run it through the eye of the hook.
  3. Wrap the tag end around the main line 5 times ABOVE the loop created in step 1.
  4. Run the tag end through the loop and cinch down above the lure.

Any angler can master this simple knot and it’s the best choice for ensuring you get the best action out of many of your favorite lures.


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