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Save 40% Off An Annual Plan
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Using a different presentation than what other anglers are fishing can often turn a slow bite into a great bite. That’s exactly what professional walleye angler Max Wilson did during a recent trip to Green Bay, WI. While most anglers on the water had the trolling rods out, Max went a different route. Utilizing his high-speed sonar, he first eliminated water by finding roaming, suspended fish on mud flats. Once he found a school, he’d slow down, use his forward facing sonar, and drop a jigging spoon right on top of the walleye.

Wilson uses a jigging spoon from a half ounce to an once, which is important because he wants the lure to get down to the fish before it moves. Once the lure is in front of the fish, he uses quick, sharp jigging cadences to create a flutter, imitating a dying shad or alewife, which is a primary source of food for walleye on Green Bay.

If you are looking to put the trolling rods away this summer, and cast at individual fish, this technique puts a lot of walleyes in the boat.


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