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Save 40% Off An Annual Plan
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Chris Granrud of RainyDaze Guide Service shares his latest updates on the Rainy Lake and how to successfully target walleye there right now.

As fall sets in, fish start to move out deep on Rainy Lake. He often finds them in 30-35 feet of water, focusing on the edges of bigger rock piles. His go-to presentation is a simple jig and plastic. However, he works this presentation slightly differently than he does during the spring when he fishes shallow water.

For Chris, vertical jigging in the deeper water this time of year means focusing on a quick snap and letting it fall. As he states, the key is that they tend to hit it on that fall. Therefore, when feeling a slight pickup, be sure to snap the hook into it.

With water temperatures cooling on Rainy Lake, deeper structure is key this time of year and jigs and plastics are hard to beat.


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