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When fishing rivers, water clarity can be about as minimal as it gets, which means bigger, louder baits can be effective in drawing more attention from walleye. This is why guide, Pat Kalmerton, rigs a very unconventional presentation for dirty water. In this video, Kalmerton breaks down how to rig and fish this “Frankenstein” presentation. 

The Set-Up
Kalmerton uses a 15-pound fluorocarbon leader tied to a large swivel. A short 2-inch shank of braid is tied from the swivel to a big 3/4-oz hair jig. What lies on the braided line is the money maker. 

The Secret Sauce
Kalmerton adds weighted fly fishing beads above and below a Yakima Bait Spin-N-Glo on the braided line. The Spin-N-Glo creates vibration, while the beads give the rig noise, stability, and weight. 

The Finisher
This rig is hopped along the bottom where walleye will often pin their prey before devouring it. For this reason, Pat attaches a stinger hook to the hair jig to ensure even the closest sniffers get hooked.


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