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Post cold front conditions can flip the surface water temperatures significantly. It’s no secret that these conditions affect fishing, causing anglers to completely relocate or bail on fishing these days entirely. However, Max Wilson has learned how to make the most of these conditions, and shares his tactics for turning these days into some of his best days on the water.

Max, who fishes the Great Lakes regularly, notes that it’s common for temperatures to drop 15 degrees in the span of a couple days. For example, on this day on Green Bay he saw temperatures drop from 70 F to 57 F post cold front. Instead of panicking with the changing conditions, he focuses on finding what he calls “super schools”.

Thanks to his forward facing sonar, he has found that these conditions lead to 400 – 500 fish being piled up into one school. That’s why he says post cold front days can be some of his best days if targeted properly.

His instructions are simple: instead of giving up, drop down your forward facing sonar and focus your efforts on finding these fish, which will now be more concentrated. Once you find them, focus on keeping a presentation in front of them, as they will eventually feed.

Max’s theory is that a strong cold front kick starts the fish into a fall pattern causing them to congregate and put the feedbag on. That’s why Max says some of his best days come immediately after a cold front. The key to success is to rely on your electronics to find these massive schools of fish, then keep a presentation in front of them.

Anytime you are on the Great Lakes, instead of panicking from post cold front conditions, focus on finding the concentrated schools and keeping your hook in the water. No matter the water temperature, they will have to feed eventually and you might end up having some of your best days on the water.


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