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Using a proper leader is an important part to landing more trophy pike. In this video Mac Mulligan from Bakers Narrows in Manitoba shares exactly how he makes soft steel leaders for pike.

As mentioned above, one really important thing for targeting the big pike is using proper leaders. The most popular leaders being used are steel. Mac uses tie-able steel to make his own leaders. This can save money and are softer and more pliable than standard steel leaders. Start out by taking an 18-to-20-inch piece, snip it using pliers, or something that can cut through metal. Mac recommends running a swivel and a snap. He also uses double surgeon knots on either end of the leader so there is a nice loop to attach a lure or main line to.

Using Tie-able steel gives you a perfect, soft, steel leader for pike. And even with using steel or titanium, it’s important to still check your leaders over time. They still wear down and degrade, so run your fingers up and down them once and a while and make sure that they’re not damaged or cut because no one wants to lose a big fish with a steel leader tied on.


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