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Ep. 9 Fall Walleye with Dusty Minke and Jason Mitchell

Fall walleye and the NWT with Dusty Minke and Jason Mitchell

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Jason Mitchell joins NWT Pro Dusty Minke live to talk fall walleye, the NWT, and answer viewer questions.

Topics covered include:

  • Fall walleye patterns and tactics
  • The downside of forward facing sonar
  • Leech Lake tips and tactics for fall walleye
  • How fatheads & rainbow minnows are often underrated in the fall
  • Dusty Minke’s forward facing sonar settings
  • The 2 things that separate the great anglers from everybody else when it comes to forward facing sonar settings
    • An accurate cast combined with…
    • the right angle on your transducer to best optimize the image.
  • What it’s like to be a tournament angler on a team
  • If you want to catch the trophy walleye, you should be targeting the loners, not the schools
  • Learning how to identify different species/sizes on your electronics
  • Differing tactics for rivers vs lakes

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Dusty Minke

Meet Dusty Minke

Dusty Minke is a Professional Walleye Fisherman in the NWT Circuit. He’s been fishing professionally since 2006 and 2010 in FLW Walleye League and FLW Tour. He lives near Leech Lake, Minnesota and has spent a tremendous amount of time targeting walleye on many of northern Minnesota’s walleye lakes like Leech, Cass, Winnie and Bemidji. Dusty recently took 5th place in the 2023 NWT Championship on Devils Lake averaging over 25 lbs a day.