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Save 40% Off An Annual Plan
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Pokegama Lake, MN (June 25, 2024)

The annual GRAHA Walleye Shootout takes place on Saturday, June 29th, and here’s what you can expect on Pokeg. 


So far this year, we have seen phenomenal weed growth across the lake, which is a welcome surprise after years of minimal vegetation. Find weed lines right now in 8-14ft. Those weeds are holding a lot of fish during this summer transition, and we are still pre-major bug hatch, so there are fewer fish out over basins. That being said, some main lake structures are getting schools of fish. 

There are also pods of bait galore, and it’s wise to use those pods of bait-like structures themselves, as a lot of bigger fish relate to them. They tend to drift with the wind, so keep an eye on where the wind has been coming from in the days ahead of your fishing. 

Regarding tactics, anglers throwing slip bobbers and leeches using forward-facing sonar are finding success. Your bobber set-up should be focused on shallower water at around 10-12 feet to match the current weed line. Don’t be afraid to go 3 to 4 feet off the bottom to get those fish coming up and committing, either.

A 1/8oz jig and worm or even Ned-rigged plastics catch fish, too, so use a combo of either to gauge the mood of the school, along with bobbers. Some schools seem to prefer one or the other. 

We’ve had calm conditions in the evening and a big, bright June moon, so the night bite has been great for guys trolling cranks in 4-8ft. Troll out by the islands or down long flats at around 2mph. 


Both smallmouth and largemouth are post-spawn and also relating to weeds. Wacky rigged stick baits have been good for fishing in and around the weed wedges. Use these baits to pitch to docks as well. Topwater walking baits over weedy flats are also good for drawing up fish this time of year. Were there is one, there are many, so stick around and make multiple casts after encountering fish. Some of the lily pad strewn bays like Meyers and Poole’s are also seeing good topwater action on frogs.


Again, a lot of life exists in and around weed beds and musky are no exception. Jerkbaits, swimbaits, and bucktails are good options to move fish. By nature, musky love to suspend in June, so be looking for fish over “outer space.”


The summertime trolling pattern has been good for pike using plugs and spoons. In and around weeds and along steep edges adjacent to deeper water are good places to target.

Report from Virtual Angling Staff McKeon Roberts