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Save 40% Off An Annual Plan
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Lake of the Woods, MN (September 15th, 2022)

A beautiful week of walleye fishing as we move into this magical time of year known as Fall. Changing of colors, slow rise of steam coming off the water, cool evenings made just for a cozy campfire. Yes, the seasons are changing, and the fish are biting.

Walleyes continue to be caught using a couple different techniques.  Drifting or trolling spinners with crawlers at 1.0 – 1.25 mph is still filling coolers with nice fish. Try the “swing” method. That is, toss your rig out to the side of the drift… allowing enough line out so that by the time the drift catches up to your rig, it is already on the bottom … once the drift picks up the spinner it will “swing” it in line with the drift. It is the action that most often entices lots of action. 

The second method catching some nice walleyes is trolling crankbaits.  Lots of fish of all sizes.  Pink UV fire-tiger, chartreuse, orange and gold are all good colors. The southern shoreline is a perfect place to start. Begin in shallower water – 7 to 8 feet and work your way out … you will certainly land lots of fish using this method.

Third, jigs tipped with minnows continue to put a lot of walleyes in the boat.  This technique will only get better as water temps continue to decrease.  Once you find the fish, anchor up or spot lock and jig.

Reefs, or just off the reefs near Long and Rocky Points producing good fish.  Otherwise, scattered schools of walleyes over the large mud flats.

Moving into the Rainy River,  some nice walleyes continue to be caught.  The fall run is not hot and heavy yet, but there are some decent walleyes in the river.  Stay tuned!  We are seeing a small initial run of shiners.

With some emerald shiners already in the river along with a good flow of water, anticipation of a strong fall run is expected.

Anglers casting shorelines and fishing docks are reporting a nice mixed bag including walleyes, pike, smallmouth bass, and some crappies. Sturgeon are being caught with reports this week of a lot of “average” sized fish with an occasional giant.  

Colder water will encourage the bite even more. Lots of beautiful river to fish from the mouth at Wheeler’s Point through Baudette east to Birchdale with many boat ramps along the way.

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Until next week … Keep a Tight Line! Bugs & Fishes ≤º))~{