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Lake of the Woods (June 30, 2022)

lake of the woods

Looking back over this past week, temperatures bounced a bit however remained steady in the 80’s. We have yet to see bugs hatching, and walleye fishing remained great. Looking forward, according to the current forecast we will see mild conditions over the holiday weekend and continuing as we enter next week. All said and told, normal Lake of The Woods summertime conditions. With water temperatures hovering around 64ºf we will continue to see awesome fishing.

Despite high water on Lake of the Woods, River Bend as well as most other resorts are operating normally, most boat ramps are open and safely accessible including Wheelers Point, charter boats are running, and fishing is in full swing! 

Walleye are being pulled from depths ranging from 4-30 feet of water. Jigs and spinners with a crawler or minnow have been the most effective. Ideal colors are gold, glow and pink. Some anglers are having success when trolling crankbaits in deeper water during the day, and along the shorelines during morning and evening hours. Large northern pike are active in the bays, at the shoreline structure, and on top of the rocky reefs. 

The current in the Rainy River remains strong, but anglers are pulling walleye, sauger, smallmouth bass and northern pike from the current breaks. For walleye and sauger, hit the current breaks off the main channels. Bass are active near the rocky areas, feeder streams and bridge embankments. The bays have been the best locations for northern pike.

Over the mud flats where many of the walleye are found to be scattered, switching up the spinner with a leech was more effective. Jigging minnows on a brightly colored jig was also effective in many of the same areas. Colors in these areas this past week that were reported as the go-to were hammered gold, pink, and glow. Orange and brown that mimic the color of crawfish and mayfly larva also did very well. 

Moving off the flats and into shallow water 5 – 9 feet, longlining shallow diving crankbaits did the trick and produced a mixed bag of walleye and smallmouth as well as sauger. Many fish were found in the shallow depths near rock structure where much of the forage is found. No. 5 crankbaits of different assortment were used and not one stood out. It was reported to shake it up until you find what they wanted. Average speed of the troll was 2.5 – 3 mph. 

The Rainy River continues to provide a mixed bag of walleye, sauger, smallmouth, pike.  Sturgeon season opens July 1st. Walleye are found in current breaks and holes on the downward side of slopes. Pike are being found near the mouth of the river and in 4 Mile Bay near current breaks. The smallmouth are being targeting in traditional spots with structure like rocks, weedy edges and near the bridge pilings. 

Speaking of the sturgeon season opening on July 1st, all that structure that your fish graph is seeing across the bottom of the deepest depths of the river are in fact sturgeon. No kidding. Drop down a bottom rig with a wad of nightcrawlers and hang on. The Rainy River will not disappoint the most seasoned angler. 

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