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Save 40% Off An Annual Plan
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Lake Oahe, SD (July 11, 2024)


Water temps remain at 65-70 degrees, keeping the fish shallow. Low winds have made for clearer water, so those shallow fish are spooky, but they are biting the best. You can expect high numbers trolling bottom bouncers in 3-5ft at 1-1.3mph. When they’re chowing, they’ll eat just about anything but switch between small spinners, smile blades, and even a plain hook with a crawler until you find what they want most. For bottom bouncer weight, a single guy can get away with 1 ounce, but when running a spread run, 1 ounce weights in the back and up to 2 ounces in the front. This will minimize tangles. The areas around Swan Creek and Moreau River have been hot spots. 

Bigger fish in the 30-inch range can still be caught using jigging taps and shiver minnows on forward-facing sonar. These fish run in the deeper side in, 30-40 feet, as they are feeding on herring. The truck is getting them to bite. Much like the deeper walleye, piles amid fish can be found in 15-20 feet, but they are reluctant to bite, so focusing up shallow is the best bet while the water is still cool and relatively dirty. 


Like the walleye, bass can be found up shallow on the inside edge. The water is rising and flooding vegetation, bringing bugs into the system. For this reason, the bass are looking up, so topwater is king. Throwing small poppers and frogs has been best on those flooded edges and rocky points.

Chad Schilling
Oahe Wings and Walleyes