How to Prepare to Trailer Your Boat For the Road

Preparing Your Boat & Trailer For Travel

If the launch is busy, you will have to drive out of the way to drain your boat and prepare for travel. However, if the launch is quiet you may want to park on a slight incline on the ramp to drain your boat there. In most states, your are required by law to drain your boat to help reduce the risk of spreading invasive species.

Then, you will want to prepare your boat for travel again, by attaching your trailer straps, supporting your motor, and checking your trailer.

Below is the checklist of things you should remember to do before leaving the launch.

  • Trim your motor all the way down to drain the water out
  • Pull your boat plug
  • Empty the livewell(s) and baitwell(s)
  • Re-attached your straps to secure the boat to the trailer
  • Remove all valuables from the boat and secure anything that could blow out during travel
  • Trim the motor back up and put the support back on
  • Check that your boat is secure and the trailer lights work before leaving the launch