How to Prepare to Launch The Boat (After Getting to Your Location)

How to Prepare for Launch at the Access

This next step is exactly what you should do when you get to the public boat access. I call this the “prelaunch.” If you are new to boating, it can be very helpful to keep a checklist on you OR keep this app page open and ready to go.

Here, we will make sure the boat is ready to hit the water before taking up time and space at the boat launch.

Once you hit the parking lot of the access, pull off to the side or get in line and do the following while you wait:

  1. Put the plug in.
  2. Remove the straps securing the boat to the trailer.
  3. Remove the transom saver.
  4. Make sure motor stays trimmed up (we don’t want the lower unit scratching on the pavement).
  5. Make sure your boat is packed with everything you need! Coolers, bait, etc.. get it in the boat before starting to launch to save time and keep a good reputation with other boaters.

If you have an older model trailer, you may also need to remove your light plugin. A quick google search of your trailer would help assist you with this.